Poster for international women's rights day

Poster for international women's rights day
On the occasion of March 8, the pharmaceutical company Takeda asked me to create posters to raise awareness and promote debates on the issue of women's rights in the world of work.

8th of March. I was inspired by a 1914 poster which seems to have been the first demonstration held on March 8th. Titles and posters that are more than a century old still sound so current.

Glass ceiling: that is, the phenomenon whereby women find a transparent ceiling at a certain point in their career, but which does not allow them to advance and reach the top of a company.
Among the various difficulties that a woman finds in the world of work, there is also being judged and observed much harsher than a man when she occupies traditionally male jobs. Women's mistakes tend to carry more weight and be remembered longer than men's. This attitude discourages a woman from making decisions and taking risks, which are the basis of professional growth.

Achieve equality through equity. It is useless to hide behind fine speeches, the current situation of a woman in the world of work and beyond is not yet comparable to that of a man. There are still many disparities, some also dictated by a biological difference (first of all motherhood). Companies should start implementing fair solutions that are useful for bridging this gap in order to achieve a more equal world of work.
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